Salmon Fishing in Iceland

When choosing full service rivers for fishing in Iceland you can expect the big rivers and the most expensive. Included in full service are three meals two of them hot prepared by good chefs, a double room in most rivers with a seperate bathroom.


The Icelandic salmon is one of the true gems of Iceland. The salmon has been fished through the ages in Iceland, the Icelandic settlers fished it with traps and in fact by any mean possible and that did not change until the late 18th century when English Noblemen came to Iceland after hearing about rivers blue of the sought after Atlantic salmon, The came here with their huge bamboo double handed rods and fished like they had never fished before, salmon on in every cast. Soon after the World War II the Icelandic anglers got really interested in angling. Now there were Icelandic anglers treading the banks with a fly rod in hand, fishing like the anglers that came before them. 


After that the fishing culture in Iceland has only became bigger and bigger by the year. The salmon is at the top of the list of most the anglers and there are thousands of anglers that come to Iceland every year for the king of fish. In Iceland we have all the salmon rivers you can ever want, big, small, fast slow and depending on the season most of them are very good in fact salmon fishing in Iceland is considered by most anglers that have tried it as one of the best sport fishing in the world. The Icelandic laid back culture and fantastic environment keeps all the anglers happy and the biggest part of it all is of course the gin clear salmon rivers. 
Most of the salmon in Iceland are grilse between 4-7 lbs but happily we have seen an upward trend last few years in increased multi winter salmon in Iceland, around 10-40 % of the total catch are multi winter salmons depending on the river. The accommodation in Iceland is either self catering or full service most of the small rivers are self catering and the big rivers offer full service with gourmet chefs and really nice accommodations.

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